House In Divorce With No Equity: What Are The Consequences

Here’s How a Home With No Equity Affects A Divorce

When a couple decides to end their marriage dividing assets such, as the family home can be quite tricky. This is especially true if the house doesn’t have any equity meaning its market value is equal to or less than the remaining mortgage balance. Dealing with a situation like this during a divorce can pose … Continued
Home Repairs During Divorce: Do They Affect The Sale Process?

Does Home Repairs During a Divorce Affect the Selling Process?

Dealing with the complexities of a divorce can be tough especially when it involves decisions, about the family home. The choices regarding home repairs can have an impact on how the property sale goes when divorcing couples are involved. As emotions often run high during divorces deciding whether to address repairs to increase the homes … Continued
How Houses Are Divided During Divorces

Your 2024 Guide to Selling Your House During a Divorce in Texas

Divorce can be a difficult process, filled with emotions and complicated legal steps. In the midst of all this figuring out what to do with the family home adds another layer of difficulty.  Should you sell it before the divorce is finalized or wait until afterward? How do you split the house’s value between both … Continued
How To Remove Name From Mortgage After Divorce

Ways to Remove a Name from a Mortgage After Separation

Removing a name from a mortgage following a separation can be a process, for couples going through a divorce. Among the responsibilities to untangle dealing with the family home and its mortgage can be particularly complex. The emotional attachment to the home filled with memories adds a layer of difficulty to the decision making process.  … Continued
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